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Technical Notes

Ham radio operators, also known as amateur radio operators, and radio experimenters are individuals passionate about the world of radio communication and electronics. They hold licenses from regulatory authorities, such as the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in the United States, to operate radio equipment in designated frequency bands. These operators often serve diverse roles, including emergency communication support, public service, and simply enjoying the hobby of radio communication.

Radio experimenters are a subset of ham radio operators who have a keen interest in pushing the boundaries of technology. They engage in building, modifying, and experimenting with radio equipment, antennas, and various transmission modes. Radio experimentation fosters innovation and contributes to advancements in the field, ranging from digital communication modes to antenna design improvements.

Both ham radio operators and radio experimenters share a common dedication to public service, often providing vital communication support during natural disasters, emergencies, and public events where traditional communication infrastructure may be compromised. Their enthusiasm for radio technology, continuous learning, and willingness to help their communities make them invaluable contributors to the world of amateur radio and the broader field of telecommunications.

This is a list of other projects that I am attempting to document.

  1. Click here for the KC4ZVW Amateur Radio pages.
  2. Click here for the Area51 project: Advanced topics for deep study.
  3. Click Z80 Machines for the small computers projects.
  4. Click GhostBSD project — A simple, elegant desktop BSD Operating System
  5. Click project — (in progress)
  6. Click Hardware Hackering a PICO project — (Raspberry Pi embedded)

Kits & Projects

Home Assistant — Raspberry Pi

Embedded Microcontroller Books

Particle Family

TIVA ARM LM120 Family

MSP-430 Family

Books and Articles

Learning Electronics

Arduino projects

STM32 microcontroller projects

Podcasting: Electronics projects

The graphics desktops (GUI) interfaces

RF projects: Mobile, WIFI, and Bluetooth


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