Radio and Electronics Projects

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Tech Notes:

  1. Click here for the KC4ZVW Amateur Radio pages.
  2. Click here for the Area51 project: Advanced topics for deep study.
  3. Click Z80 Machines for the small computers projects.
  4. Click Recent Projects for the electronics workbench.
  5. Click FuryBSD project — A Powerful, Portable, FreeBSD Desktop

Kits & Projects

  1. Project One : AZ-EL antenna rotor
  2. Project Two : (details)
  3. Project Three : Digital Dial – counter (details)
  4. Project Four : HF CW/SSB Receiver by (WA3TFS)
  5. Project Five : The Sawdust Receiver
  6. The M17 radio project : Open hardware digital radio
  7. Project Seven : Motor Controllers
  8. The NinoTNC : N9600A packet modem
  9. Project Nine : A QRP SDR Receiver Project
  10. Project Ten : the second network to the Internet
  11. Project WSPR Beacon : (details)
  12. Project YAACT : "Yet Another Arduino CW Trainer"
  13. Project Twelve : Z80 Single Board Computer (details)

Embedded Microcontroller Books

  1. Embedded C Programming: Techniques and Applications of C and PICmicro® MCUs by Mark Siegesmund
  2. MSP-430 Workshop Series: by Texas Instruments

Particle Family

  1. Embedded C Programming: Techniques and Applications
  2. Workshop Series: by s

MSP-430 Family

  1. The link to – Web site, blog, and wiki for MSP-430 news.
  2. The Texas Instruments web site – Advancing Processors
  3. A parts list of stuff for the "Learning C: phase 2"; MSP-430 class – (New)
  4. A syllabus for the Learning C: phase 2 – created by George
  5. A datasheet for the TLC5615; 10-bit (DAC) digital-to-analog converter – Texas Instuments part
  6. link
  7. MSP430 — Launchpad: MSP430FR6989 User's Guide (SLAU627A)
  8. MSP430 — Assembly Language User's Guide (SLAU131U)
  9. MSP430 — Code Composer Studio IDE User's Guide; version 9.2.0 (website)
  10. MSP430 — OptimizingC/C++ Compiler User's Guide (SLAU132R)
  11. MSP430 — MSP430x5xx and MSP430x6xx Family User's Guide (SLAU208Q)
  12. MSP430 — Another MSP430x6xx Family User's Guide (SLAU367O)

Books and Articles

Learning Electronics

Arduino projects

  1. DC & USB Boarduino PDF file ... – AdaFruit Industries
  2. Labs: Electronics ... – ITP Physical Computing
  3. Adafruit Nano 33 IOT with Headers... –
  4. (more)

STM32 microcontroller projects

  1. Mastering STM32 by Carmine Noviello
  2. STM32F7 Series – high-performance MCUs with Arm┬« Cortex┬«-M7 core
  3. STM-32F723E discovery – Mouser
  4. (more)

RF projects: Mobile, WIFI, and Bluetooth

  1. Sigfox - it consumes a low amount of power, works well for simple devices that transmit infrequently
  2. LoRa - it's got the jump on cellular
  3. NB-IoT - Great if you only need to transfer small amounts of information
  4. LTE-M - Great for roaming applications such as vehicles and drones
  5. Weightless - the only open standard solution operating in unlicensed spectrum.
  1. The Nordic Thingy:52 device – (details)
  2. The Nordic Thingy:91 device – (details)


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